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How can we change the admin password of my
AX5400 6-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Netgear Router?

While purchase and bring home a new router, then it is configured by the default factory settings. Use a reliable web address, like to access the web interface of the router. Whereas the default user name is ADMIN and the default password is PASSWORD. To improve
the security level of our home Wi-Fi we need to change something different from that of default one. Here we are giving some of the basic information about the process to log in the router. 

  • Either downloads a web browser then opens it or you can use the existing one in your mobile or any other smart device.
  • Input on the search bar or you can enter the default IP address
    copying it from the label of the router.
  • As you will click the enter tab, a login window will be displayed to you.
  • Input your default username (admin) and the default password (password), and the basic home page will be rolled out in front of you. 
  • Now the user should go to the ‘Advanced’ panel, then click to ‘Administration’, then scroll your mouse on Set ‘Password’ tab. 
  • At the next step, you have to type the older password, and then type the new password two times in order to confirm the password correctly. 
  • You have one more option if you wish to get back the previous settings then tick the Enable Password Recovery.
  • After doing the entire activity click to APPLY tab to apply the settings otherwise there will be no use of doing the entire above configuration. 
    Change the SSID or the password of your Netgear router login
  • Launch an internet browser and at the search bar type to get
    the page where you can enter your login credential.
  • After having the web page put the password and the user ID to login into the interface of the router.
  • The moment you would click OK the basic home page will be displayed to you.
  • Select the wireless settings from the menu bar and at the SSID locus enter the new name for your network.
  • Now enter your new password at the Password Network field.
  • When you will hit the APPLY button, your changes will be saved.
  • Enable the admin password reset feature on your Netgear
  • Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • If we enable the option of Reset Password for the router, then we can reset the password if it is forgotten. This process is supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome browsers.
  • This process cannot be possible for the Safari Browser. If you want to enable this process, then

follow these steps that are listed below.

Steps to enable the option of password reset…

  • Open your Internet Explorer or Chrome in your smartphone or PC, or Laptop.
  • At the searches bar type to enter into the login window.
  •  At this window enter your login details, like the username and the password.
  • These details can be default or it can be the reset one. Both the details should be entered
    in lower case as these are case-sensitive.
  • The basic home page of your Network will be displayed to you. At this home page tick the icon of Menu and select Advanced then  Administration then Set-Password.
  • The screen containing the option for set password will be displayed to you.
  • Here you need to select the option  Enable Password Reset checkbox.
  • Carefully select two security questions and provide answers to them.
  • Remember these
    two answers or note down it safely for future recovery purpose.
  • Click the apply button and your changes have been saved completely.
  • The password recovery process for your NETGEAR AC and
    AX Routers
  • In case if we forget the password of our router then the best option is to perform the factory reset.

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